120kW DC charging pile

120kW DC charging pile

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HEEV-DC series of DC charging piles are a new generation of intelligent charging products introduced by HARUI to the new energy charging equipment market. With a 27-inch commercial di- splay and a wide voltage constant power charging module, the product fully meets the needs of charging electric vehicles of different power at the same time, as well as multi-wheel recharging, to maximize the efficiency of charging piles, improve the operational efficiency of charging stations.


 The device uses 27-inch high brightness commercial screen to meet the needs of commercial advertising, improve the operation of charging stations;

Modular design, highly integrated , easy to manage and maintain;

With multiple charging protection function for the vehicle charging to provide the greatest security;

Charging System adopts advanced digital technology, with high precision , good stability, strong anti-interference and other characteristics;

Provide swipe card, scan code, VIN code recognition and other start-up methods, easy and convenient operation;

200V-1000V wide output voltage range to meet the electric bus or electric ca r and other different voltage levels of charging needs;

The equipment is widely used in electric bus station, highway service area, commercial center, office area, scenic spots and other public parking places.

Model                                              :HEEV-DC120

Dimensions                                                                                                     :W750*D586*H2000mm

Input voltage                                                                                           :AC380V+15%

Input frequency                                                                                  :45-65Hz

Output voltage                                                                                  :DC200V-1000V

Maximum output current                                        :250A

Maximum output power                                                    :120kW

Voltage regulation accuracy                               :0.5%

Steady flow accuracy                                                                :1.0%

Ripple coefficient (Effective value) :0. 5

Power factor                                                                                                 :0.99

Power                                                                                                                                 :94%

Harmonic content THD                                                       :5%

Communication interface                                            :4G full—netcom, Ethernet

Cooling method                                                                                      :Intelligent cooling

Protection level                                                                                     :IP54

Charging interface                                                                         :2

Charging interface standard                              :OCPP 2.01/OCPP 1.6/IEC62196. 3—2015

Noise                                                                                                                              :65dB(1 meter)

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120kW DC charging pile

120kW DC charging pile