20Kw DC charging pile

20Kw DC charging pile

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HEEV-DC series of DC charg ing piles are a new generation of intelligent charg ing products introduced by HARUI to the new energy charging equipment market.The product integrates char- ging, monitoring and protection functions into one intelligent quick charger, with the main functi- ons of human-computer interaction, billing, monitoring, communication, etc.It is the ideal choice for electric vehicle DC fast charging.


  The overall design of the pile is simple and generous, using integrated design, which is stable;   The cha rging interface, human-computer interaction interface, communication , billing and ot-

her parts of the integration into a whole, which is mature and stable technology;

  Provided many means of payment, support recharge ca rd, wechat small program, APPs and so on ;

  The internal is modula r design, line distribution clear, with easy installation and de bugg ing, o- peration and maintenance simple features;

  The man-machine interface desig n is novel, the operation guide is charted, which is convenie- nt to guide the user to use;

  The equipment is widely used in residential garages, commercial centers, office areas, tourist attractions and other public pa rking places;

  It can be customized according to user habits, to meet the needs of diversification.

Model                                                       :HEEV-DC-20
Dimensions                                           :W430*D238*H640mm
Input voltage                                        :AC380V+15%
Input frequency                                  :45-65Hz
Output voltage                                     :DC200V-1000V
Maximum output current                :60A
Maximum output power                   :21kW
Voltage regulation accuracy             :0.5%
Steady flow accuracy                         :11.0%
Ri| ple coefficient Effective value) :0. 5%›
Power factor                                        :0.99
Power                                                    :94%
Harmonic content                                :THD 5%
Communication interface                :4G full—netcom, Ethernet
Cooling method                                     :Intelligent cooling
Protection level                                     IP54
Charging interface                               :1
Charging interface standard                                :OCCP 2.01/OCPP 1.6/IEC62196. 3—2015
Noise                                                       :65dB(1 meter)
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20Kw DC charging pile

20Kw DC charging pile